My 1st Reality Shift ??? WTF???

My Back Story on this experience:
My 1st Reality Shift ??? [ WTF Mandela Effect ]
I was doing yard work , and mowing when I came across  a small glass bowl near my bird feeder and bush that I distinctively remember picking up, took in my house, washed it and put it away in my cupboard.  I dont know the timeframe and am guessing 2 to 3 weeks or more.

To see it outside sitting by the bush really perplexed me and after 9-12 or more months of researching a phenomenon called the Mamdela Effect / Reality Shifting I now believe I have just experienced some sort of  Reality Shift where the reality I was/am im today took me back to when that glass bowl was still sitting outside and in an alternative reality I already (remember)  putting it in my kitchen cupboard.

wow.  Research "The Mandela Effect"  before you judge my sanity  :)