Uniden Bearcat 60XLT-1 80 ch. easy MOD/HACK

I did this MOD a while ago and works!

It mods a 30 channel Bearcat BC60XLT-1 to an 80 channel!

A very simple mod, really, and Ive confirmed it works by doing it.

You just open the radio to the logic board is exposed. Under the microprocessor there is a number "1" printed on the board.
Below this number you see two solder pads.
Just bridge these two pads together and you got 80 chs.

Simply solder a wire across them or you may only have to drag a bit of solder across them to bridge them.

Thats it, now your BC60XLT-1 is a 80 Channel Scanner. 

More Details

Find the number "1" written in a circle on the board in the left bottom corner of the microprocessor.

With a good solder station (max 30W) and without static electricity bridge the pins at the right of the number.

   |                   -|        UNIDEN            |-               |
   |                   -|     xxxxxxxxxxxxx        |-               |
   |     |
   |                   -|                          |-               |
   |                    -o________________________|-               |
   |                 (1)  |||||||||||||||||||||||||          board  |
   |     Pins to bridge > ××                                        | 
For models made in 2000, in addition to bridging pins 1 and 2 of the microprocessor you must also connect the two solder pads directly below pins 1 and 2.
Also, if you use this mod you will lose the 29 - 54Mhz band but will gain the 66 - 88Mhz band. A cleverly placed switch will allow you to turn the mod on and off to access both bands.


Instead of bridging the 2 pins of the microprocesser AND connecting the 2 solder pads, I ONLY CONNECTED THE 2 SOLDER PADS TOGETHER and left the microprocesser alone. This gave me the extra 50 channels AND left the original frequency coverage (29-54MHz) as it was.