My Custom AVOYco Mic Stands

These are a few MIC Stands that I Made from Spare junk , Old Aluminum Crutches i bought from Thrift Stores/Goodwill $1-$3 , Black Spray Paint $1, Electrical Conduit $5 , (Stickleys Electric), Electrical Conduit Adapters/Fasteners/Couplers $5 (Stickleys Elecric) , old Golf Bag Cart $1 (Thrift Store), old 8mm Screen Tripod $1 (Thrift Store), old 7 lb barbell weights $1 (Thrift Store), the Mics and Shock Mount and POP Filter were Retail , one Pop filter , i made for $2. I still need to spray on another coat of black paint. but pretty cool project and not only cheap to make all these, i have lots of left over materials to make probly 4 more mic stands too. and they are DIY , adjustable, customizable.