My first Bird Photo from 2008

I really enjoy photography and I'm learning a lot  over the years.

Recently I found a photo I capured back in June or so 2008 that I called "Bird on a wire with worm"

Its a little black bird of sort, on a wire perched up in my backyard.

A photographer enthusiast on a facebook group commented and he said
"Looks like an immature Starling with a caterpillar. Or maybe a grub. Starlings are notorious for enjoying grubs."

At the time I didn't really know any kind of techniques in photography,
just the basics and I guess it was kind of just luck of the draw that I got this photo as i did as a point-and-shoot type situation...

I think it turned out pretty good. I think its just exactly as it was shot. Most of my photos, would use some image processing to adjust aspects like color , sharpness, etc..  This photo has no image processing.

I was using what I would call my first decent camera, a Canon S3IS.
Back then, were talking like $570  for the camera.
I still have it and I think I'm to break it out and start using it some more.
I also have the predecessor Canon S2IS as well.

Currently since end of 2013 , I'm using a Canon T5i.
This is my very first DSLR camera, and I really enjoy what I can accomplish with this camera, even with the limited kit and budget lenses I have.

I'm hoping to get some high-quality lenses soon and believe that it will take my photography to the next level.

David Voy
Freelance Journalist/Photographer/Musician/G33K /  /