Jay Olson Benefit

Been taking photos at Jay's Jay Olson Benefit and
will try and sort through them  and post them as soon as possible.

If you love any of the photos I took,
consider making a direct donation to JAY and his benefit
and specify My Photos, and we will figure out a way to 
turn My Photos into Support for Jay.

If you donated to Jay, i will send you a way to get the photos off my site. 
At this time, just donate directly to Jays Benefit some how. 
Ill go on the honor system and give free photos to anyone who dontated to Jay. 

Just contact me on facebook and email

Glad I made it to Jays, and heading back tonight again.
Go to the Fairgrounds and partake in the food , fun, music, bands, people, and Jay.

I cant say I even really got to know or meet Jay,
but I can tell that he is surrounded by so many kind and supportive people,
friends and family and maybe a few people like me
who would like to meet and get to know him a little better.
UPDATE: Met him that evening at night , great guy.

I think I have some GREAT photos of him
laughing and smiling with friends..... 
I hope they turned out, 
HE made me smile too.