Moonshine Sorrow / LIVE @ Jay Olson Benefit

Rush Cleveland / MOONSHINE SORROW / LIVE / "Jay Olson" Benefit
Holy Sheeeaht!

Moonshine Sorrow​ is AWESOME! Watched them LIVE at a Benefit in Maquoketa,IA for Jay Olson Benefit​ . Denny Garcia joined in too!

Hung out and met and talk to the band members, and Denny!

 WOW, I managed to shoot a few video clips, and over 800 photos I need to sift through.

Any of you fans want to check out the photos , keep watching for my LINK , cause ill surely post it on Moonshine Sorrow and other pages too!

Check  My facebook photography page   


(New sites) in the works, for seeing LOTS of these Photos soon.
(I got THOUSANDS of photos to post on my new site,  hope soon! )

Great Show Moonshine Sorrow!