Long Exposure Night Sky Photography = UFO ???

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I set up my Canon T5i on my front deck with a Tripod and wired remote trigger so I could snap without touching and bumping my camera.

I set the shutter to a Longer  2 Second Exposure time and pointed up at the Night Sky . 

I took 120 seperate photos, but nearly as soon as I started.....  I captured 3 photos with an object flying left to right .

Remember..  the shutter speed is slower  at 2 seconds per photo , so the object was moving fast enough to leave a motion trail.

I wonder if someone could calculate the speed of the object some how.

The original Images are 18 Megapixel and I always shoot in RAW.

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I added 2 Photos Before and 1 Photo after the 3 that show the Object.

First 2 photos were out of focus and I noticed a trail that resembles the same object  in photo 1, just not at clear. 

Photo 2, no sign of it then photos 3, 4 & 5  show the object AGAIN.
Last photo  has no sign of the object.

Download/View my Original RAW Images I put on my Google Drive.


I took more photos Friday night [8-7-15] and captured 9 objects.
2 Were obvious planes..