Fishing at Horse Shoe Pond Park + NEW Dock

Took my dog Kipp fishing at Horse Shoe Pond Park.
I noticed they installed a NEW Floating Dock.
Would have been nice if they would have repaired the other DOCK thats been sitting near 2 years unable to be used because there is no RAMP to get to the DOCK.

201 E Pleasant St
MaquoketaIowa 52060 


  1. Didn't know they had fishing back there.

    1. yep . always had fishing at HorseShoe Pond Park

  2. there used to alot of bass but had a bad winter 4 years ago everything died
    now your lucky if you can catch 3inch bullheads no bass no bluegils

  3. Yea, I get a few bluegills , but i think you are right... Barely any significant fish.
    Why doesn't Maquoketa actually DO something to HELP encourage DNR to do whatever is needed to Stock and promote fishing here at HorseShoe Pond Park?

    I hope they Maquoketa / DNR get the other DOCK fixed too as well. How long has it been sitting dormant , with no ramp to even use the DOCK? im thinking 2 years or within 2 years?

    Needs work, needs fishing , NEEDS Cleaned up too. I saw so much garbage about 1 foot out from the bank collecting and its sad.

    I guess if i had one of those POOL Skimmers Cleaning Nets , id go out and clean up as much as i can.

    Wonder if the DNR would credit people with FREE Year of fishing license for doing the job that the DNR refuses to do?

    Maqoketa has what can be really nice Nature Area , HorseShoe Pond Park!

    isn't it ABOUT TIME for the "Maquoketa Can" Mission Statement/Motto/Slogan to actually mean it???

    (Steps off Soapbox)

    1. I realize this season , They cleared away trees and put in a new DOCK. I hope they contiinue and make Horseshoe Pond Park better , as it deserves. will be nice to see Maquoketa CAN actually mean it. and not seem like Maquoketa CAN'T.

  4. The pond needs drained and dredged its silted in and That's a big job that nobody is pushing for.


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