I WON my case! NOT GUILTY!

UPDATE:   My Review of MAQ PD posted on their Facebook page.
please feel free to go share your comments and concerns on the MAQ PD facebook page where I posted my REVIEW. Let them know how you feel about the issues no matter if you agree or disagree , share your opinions and open this up for discussion. Let it be heard and community be able to address it.


Thank You to the 6 Jurors who Deliberated what seems 10 minutes (SUPER FAST)

and they saw that I was NOT GUILTY .

Watch my BLOG here for my whole Story on this Police Abuse and how the COP falsely arrested me.

I plan on doing a Short Docu Film on how my rights were violated and how citizens can LEARN and empower themselves in frustrating and right stripping experience that i went through.

Watch my blog here for more info to come.
and hash tag #StandUpToBullyCops