Minimalized Simplified Nomadic #VANLIFE

I am working towards a new life change .
Minimalized & Simplified Nomadic #VANLIFE

Simplified • Minimalized • Tiny Home On Wheels • #VANLIFE
Reduce ALL my stuff  [ Sell • Donate • Trash ] by near 70% or more.
Put the small amount of belongings that I want to keep in a Safe Storage place.

I will stop Collecting lots of Meaningless Stuff.
I will start Collecting lots of Meaningful  Experiences.
I will meet so many new people and foster new friendships and Memories.
I will no longer feel so isolated , Lonely, bored & Alone.
I will enjoy visiting so many different towns and cities .
I will enjoy beautiful country landscapes, oceans, mountains, valleys , deserts and Trails.

I will embrace nature as I wake up in my Tiny Home on wheels to ever changing Scenery and people.
I will continue my creative passions with my
  Music Creation, Art Projects, Writing & Blogging, Photography and Videography. 

I will plan some routes and visit friends and family spread all over
 the Unites States , Canada, Alaska and Venture to Mexico and South America too.

I will share my thoughts and travels and experiences with anyone who wishes
  to follow me and my  #VANLIFE  BLOG & VLOG.

I will have near FREE Energy with SOLAR on roof and Backup Gas Generator
   to have on demand power anytime i need.

I will regain and repair my lost sense of Self Sufficiency
 as I conserve and Grow in my travels and being more free.

I will stay informed and entertained as needed with FREE Over Air Radio and TV 
I will stay connected to the world wide web with PrePaid Unlimited Cellular Phone
 / Internet Access  and FREE WIFI . 

I will take my time, no need to rush, and explore and be happy and  free ,
 for My home will always be here with me.

"​Daves VANtastic VOYage​"​
  ​#VANLIFE​ - (​Nomadic ​Traveling ​​Lifestyle and ​Movement​)​

VOY  translates to "I GO"  in spanish.
My new license plates are  "GO U 527" those were chose at random.
David Voy basically means  "I give , I see and I go." in spanish.
​even my business company name "aVOY co" means "I'm Going Co"

Word Breakdown
DA    "I give"
VE     "i see"
VOY  "i go"

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