Open Letter [complaint] to Maquoketa Police Department

I attempted to write a public REVIEW of my experience on the Maquoketa Police Departments Facebook Page but when i clicked submit it refused to post.

UPDATE:   My Review of MAQ PD posted on their Facebook page.
please feel free to go share your comments and concerns on the MAQ PD facebook page where I posted my REVIEW. Let them know how you feel about the issues no matter if you agree or disagree , share your opinions and open this up for discussion. Let it be heard and community be able to address it.

To: City of Maquoketa Police Department
     (re) Officer Jayson Heiar and his aggressive abuse of power
FR: David Voy

I was verbally abused with aggression and multiple instances of loud and fowl language by the most unprofessional and disturbing police officer I have ever witnessed.

Maquoketa Police Officer Jayson Heiar also not only behaved completely out of line as a power tripping egotistical bully that he was but he actually and ironically falsely arrested me for allegedly committing Disorderly Conduct (UNFOUNDED) when he , himself , on the stand under testimony , was proven (with his admission) to have committed Disorderly Conduct and it was pointed out "YOU ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW" GO FIGURE.

 My trial is now over and a Jury of 6 returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY to me and I am now FREE and Vindicated. However this BULLY COP Jayson Heiar needs to be held accountable and if nothing else I demand Maq. PD temporarily strip Officer Jayson Heiar of his firearm and badge and place him on unpaid suspension and investigate matters for him to be forced to seek Psychological Evaluation, Anger Management, ReTraining and ReEducation on matters of dealing with citizens and formally submit a Public Written Apology to me David Voy and my Family and the citizens of our community as a whole for his unbecoming , criminal and unprofessional behavior.  #StandUpToBullyCops

 -David Voy


  1. becoming all too common with police officers today. just be glad he didnt "fear for his life" and shoot you for no reason. thats what they like to do these days

    1. Seriously? Police officers like to "shoot you for no reason?" I have no idea what happened in Mr Voy's situation, but don't make a blanket statement and say officers like to shoot you for no reason... it shows your ignorance! Who are you going to call when someone breaks into your house at 2:00am??? that's right.... THE POLICE OFFICER!!! Show a little respect and don't lump all officers together for negative actions by one. They will rick his life to save your family.

  2. I believe this is not the first time he's been accused of this.

  3. Would be interested to see the body cam video...

  4. i think it is david voy being a sensitive sissy... he himself was acting bad and harrassing a person ..i know this officer and have always known him to be professional .. putting up with the stupidity as in this call would be very nerve racking ...putting up with pure stupidity... some people think they are above the law and in this case its not the officer ..


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