Monday, November 11, 2013

My Canon EOS Rebel T5i Photo Shoot

This is me doing a self photo shoot and experimenting with Depth of Field type shots.
I have a lot to still learn about photography and love it. 
I am using my new Canon EOS Rebel T5i DSLR and a 18-55mm Lens.

Music:  "Life's Highlights" by me, David Voy / VisiOnarY Music & Productions.

My Weight Loss Progress

My weight loss (Before and After) In Progress.
Started FEB 04, 2013 @ 285 LBS.
Current NOV 11, 2013 @ 217 LBS.
No Fad Diets, NO Fitness Equipment or Club Memberships.
Just a few Guidelines I will write about in a small up coming EBOOK that I will have for sale, at pretty much a low $5 cost. Great info that I have researched and used along the way to help myself transform and become healthier.

 Now , Im gonna really start to do more fitness related activities on my own, all i really did was WALK. if i were to Ramp up my Exercise , i may have lost it even faster. I feel so much better now, so Pull ups, Push Ups, Sit Ups, and I am making my own KETTLE BELLS for working out.

I also plan on MORE Wii Fit Plus activity too, in home,since winter is here.

My samsung galaxy note 3 makes it easier to track walks and steps and workouts, nice features. But never needed.