Sunset After The Storms (6-30-14)

FUNNY: Bear falls through skylight , eats cupcakes.

EVENT: DuTrac Member Appreciation Day Aug 1

My New Piano Composition "Slow Jam Untitled"

Bruce Schneier: Talks at Google

Milk , Food Coloring , Soap = Cool Art Effect

Maquoketa "Meth Town" ???

Funny Video - Tons of Ducks!!!

Ultra Cool Circular Boat!!

Walking my Dog "Kipp" Downtown

STORM CHASE: Distant Lightning

CNN Reporter Says Shit

Coronado Car Club Downtown

HorseShoe Pond Park Panoramic 360 Tour

Hurstville Pond Fishing Tour

Tubers on the Maquoketa River

Horseshoe Pond & Fishing

Morehead Access Bridge

Joinerville Park Photos

Exercise: Bike Ride

Photo: River by the City Ball Diamond

6B's Campground Videos By David Voy (playlist)

Random Photo: Maquoketa Sunset