Music Score (Possible) for an Iowa Based Film Maker

My New MIDI Software

Walmart Made In Usa 1990 TV Commercial

Playing around with a Whale Drum

Butterfly with damaged wing

Stumbled on a Geocache

Hanging out with a Couple Cool Horses

Eagle Attacks Drone

Long Exposure Night Sky Photography = UFO ???

Picked up a CANON LENS at Goodwill

61 DRIVE-IN Day Photo Shoot

JC Fair 2015 Ferris Wheel High Vantage Point View

My Robot Collection

My ROCK JAM Music Sessions in PARTS

My DUAL Acoustic Melody

Maq. High School Baseball + Softball Games 7-9-15

More Acoustic Guitar Informal Videos

Messin' with Acoustic Guitar + ReMix/MASHUP

Tabor Home Winery + Timber City Concert Band

Youth Baseball at Timber Lanes Baseball Complex

Maquoketa Motor Madness Event Photos

Happy Fathers Day to all Specially my Dad

COVERAGE: Timber City Race, Taste of Maq. & Fireball 2015! with LIVE MUSIC

Girls Softball: Williamsburg vs Maquoketa

CHINA may own most of IOWA WTF?

Plum Creek / LIVE @ Jay Olson Benefit

Moonshine Sorrow / LIVE @ Jay Olson Benefit

Jay Olson Benefit

Bumble Bee on a Colorful Flower

UPDATE! Conceal & Carry + Do it Lawfully !

Video as an Interactive Instrument for Music

I was out Shooting the Sun, Clouds & Sky

Backyard Photo Shoot

My Drum Arrangement w/Rock Guitar

DayDreaming Song Collab

Pauly Shore - Stand Up Comedy @Maquoketa

VisiOnarY Photo Enhancement Case Study

Music+Tech+Hacks / Motion Detector (Ep. 00)

MCHS Cheer Photo Enhancement