Thursday, April 3, 2014

Skydiver almost struck by meteorite

Feeding Peanuts to Squirrels in my front yard.

I wanted to place one of my GoPro Hero 3+ Black Cameras near some peanuts and caputure some 2.7K 30fps Video. More to come.....

KipKay: Liquid Light Glass!

DIY - External PC Power Supply Hack

My electronic project for the day is to re-pourpose some old pc power supplies I already had sitting around.

What i did is tear apart a power supply made from an old PC computer and contain everything inside the unit. It has 12 V , 5.2 V and 3.3 volt. I will use these externally so I can power and charge my gadgets, like my 2 CB Radios, my Police Scanners, my cell phones,  tablets , cameras, etc.
I will add on USB Ports as well.
UPDATE:   Added  12v Top Side Terminals