Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Maq Fire called to Rosemere
Reporter: David Voy (MaqTown News)
  • MFD Fire was called to a possible fire on Rosemere Lane on Maquoketa, IA
  • Time of call estimated 4:15 pm.
  • Smoke was seen coming from vents. 
  • More info posted to this blog soon...
Video and Photo LINKS Below...... 


Monday, April 14, 2014

My Custom AVOYco Mic Stands

These are a few MIC Stands that I Made from Spare junk , Old Aluminum Crutches i bought from Thrift Stores/Goodwill $1-$3 , Black Spray Paint $1, Electrical Conduit $5 , (Stickleys Electric), Electrical Conduit Adapters/Fasteners/Couplers $5 (Stickleys Elecric) , old Golf Bag Cart $1 (Thrift Store), old 8mm Screen Tripod $1 (Thrift Store), old 7 lb barbell weights $1 (Thrift Store), the Mics and Shock Mount and POP Filter were Retail , one Pop filter , i made for $2. I still need to spray on another coat of black paint. but pretty cool project and not only cheap to make all these, i have lots of left over materials to make probly 4 more mic stands too. and they are DIY , adjustable, customizable.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

VisiOnarY Studio Session / "D Ray"

Daniel "D Ray" Mathis
is my "First" Guest/Musician/Artist to grace VisiOnarY Productions Studio Session.

Here is a quick Video.

I will post Photos/HQ Video/ MP3 in a few minutes.

 Had a BLAST with "D Ray"

Saturday, April 5, 2014

My 2 SDR Radios and Ham It Up (UpConverter)

These are my 2 SDR Radios (Software Defined Radio) & My "Ham It Up" (UpConverter)

More info and photos and videos coming soon.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Skydiver almost struck by meteorite

Feeding Peanuts to Squirrels in my front yard.

I wanted to place one of my GoPro Hero 3+ Black Cameras near some peanuts and caputure some 2.7K 30fps Video. More to come.....

KipKay: Liquid Light Glass!

DIY - External PC Power Supply Hack

My electronic project for the day is to re-pourpose some old pc power supplies I already had sitting around.

What i did is tear apart a power supply made from an old PC computer and contain everything inside the unit. It has 12 V , 5.2 V and 3.3 volt. I will use these externally so I can power and charge my gadgets, like my 2 CB Radios, my Police Scanners, my cell phones,  tablets , cameras, etc.
I will add on USB Ports as well.
UPDATE:   Added  12v Top Side Terminals

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

SDR Demo ( Vantech RTL2832U R820T + Ham It Up V1.2 + SDR Touch (Android App)

 My YouTube Demonstration Video:

I was messing around with my NEW SDR Radio , SDR Touch Android App and Ham It Up V1.2 Upconverter.  Using my HDTV Roof Antenna on my 1st Gen Nexus 7 Tablet.
any questions email me at or comment or message me on YouTube.

Here is a breakdown of what I used in this demonstration.

  • SDR Dongle:  
  • SDR UpConverter:  
  • Android App:  
  • Antenna:  
    • HDTV Roof Antenna
  • Tablet
    • Google (Asus) Nexus 7 16gb (1St Generation)
  • Camera:  
    • GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition